Definitely, Maybe

2008 | 111 Minutes | Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz, Elizabeth Banks, Abigail Breslin

This is one of my favourite movies.
Yes, it’s a Rom-Com and I have no shame in admitting I may have shed some tears over this movie (I’ve watched it a lot).
The main characters are played by Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin (who plays his daughter). He is in the middle of divorcing her mother and he tells her a story about his past relationships to see if she can figure out who her mum is.
So lets get the obvious stuff out of the way. Everyone is beautiful and everyone talks easily with each other with the kind of witty banter I would kill to be able do for just one day. Yes it’s cliched and kind of obvious but that just makes me love it even more because it all works.
Ryan Reynolds is great here. He’s a great actor anyway but I get a bit put off by his over the top wise ass wisecracks that he pulls in most of his movies. In this he is a bit more nuanced and just a nice guy. Okay, an incredibly handsome and charismatic one but a nice guy none the less.
Abigail Breslin is just fantastic as his daughter. She’s amazingly talented and smart but also cute enough to tug on your heartstrings.
Banks, Weisz and Fisher play his girlfriends (and wife, no I’m not telling who). They are all great in their roles. Weisz as a reporter and lover, Banks as the girl next door type (I don’t think I’ve seen her look better than in this film, she reminds me of someone I knew long ago …) and Fisher who weaves in and out of his life as friend and object of his affection and is totally perfect for her role.
So go watch it. It’s a smart, funny feel good movie which is also strangely comforting like a nice warm hug.
I’m not crying, you’re crying 🙂

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